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  • IgnisterYGO (2 days ago): I will change up the deck once Indigo Prison is released on Rush Card since it isn't on here yet.
  • Yubelious! (2 days ago): Fun fact, Dragon Zombie is one of my strongest decks.
  • ToyBel (2 days ago): And this deck can be more annoying with the new indigo trap
  • SevensFox7 (1 week ago):
  • Yubelious! (2 weeks ago): While Thunderbold and Fireworks aren't compatible, you aren't using them in the same turn. The thing about using Fireworks for the double nana play... it gives you less 7s in your GY, which conflicts unless you have multiple copies of a name. I'd cut it down to 1 copy. It puts my Lurker in the GY after cracking backrow and gives me 2 tribute fodder for Dead Ruler, on a turn when I know that my end board is going to be Dead Ruler and only Dead Ruler. At that point, it's just about timing it right, or milling it. Less conflict in the strategy. Also, the Jamais Vu + Nana play is a thing now. So you can suddenly recur a milled Fireworks without conflicting with your Sportsdragon engine. I'm a little surprised you aren't on that, given your spell count.
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