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Published 2 years ago by ygoprodeck Article Views 2821 Estimated Reading Time 1 minutes Site News

Hello everyone!

I want to quickly lay out some of our site plans for and some of the features I wish to implement on the site. 

Currently, I want to implement the following features:

- Pack Simulator (similar to what we have over on YGOPRODeck)

- Omega/Project ignis .YDK generation

- Potentially a public API

- TCG Translations if (when?) it comes to the TCG. Same then go for Card/Deck prices

Those are some of the "upper" level features I would like to implement. Alongside those, I am usually working on smaller features that get implemented without announcement such as 2FA, Discord Login, Night Mode (which have all been implemented), and so on. 

Hopefully, things will go smoothly and I can get some of these features rolled out for the awesome Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel communities! 

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